YoUniquely U Fashions


I love to shop.  It was so bad at one point, my husband told me I was a shopaholic.  I soon realized that I had spent so much on clothing and accessories over the year that I could have used that money to start my own business rather that making someone else rich.  I got wiser and older and started limiting my shopping experiences by going on the clearance rakes and buying off season etc.  Over time I became very good at bargain shopping.  Then the light bulb went on and I decided that I would take my once addiction of shopping into a business.  

3 years ago I launched YOUniquely U Fashions and More LLP and it started off as a home-based business.  I quickly realized the safety concerns of opening up my home to people I did not know.  So I stop for a few years.  The passion never died so the beginning of 2018, I decided to signup and attend vendor events where I could showcase and sell my amazing products.  It quickly became apparent that what I had was a mobile boutique and I needed my own space.  September 2018, we officially moved into our own location and my dream has finally become a reality. 

YOUniquely U Fashions is Colorado Springs only upscale, appointment-based boutique.  Where you can have a private atmosphere that will allow for women, men and children to get fitted for the best selection of clothing, accessories and jewelry available.   

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